Foodle: Guess the Food Word

Foodle game follows the classic Wordle rules, with only one difference - the hidden word in this game are related to food. You need to guess the 5-letter food word in 6 tries. This game is perfect for connoisseurs of food and cooking! A new Foodle will be available each day!

How to play Foodle?

  1. Enter the first word

    To start the game, enter any 5 letter word related to food. It can also be drinks, kitchen items, names of dishes, etc. Enter the first word
  2. Look at the color hints of the letters

    After each guess, the color of the tiles will change to show how close your guess was to the word. Look at the color hints of the letters
  3. Try to guess the hidden food word

    Try to guess the food related word as soon as possible and improve your culinary knowledge with fun! Try to guess the hidden food word

What is Foodle?

Foodle is a word puzzle game based on Wordle. Foodle and Wordle are very close and have the same rules. The main difference between them is that in Foodle absolutely all words are related to food. If you like everything related to cooking, food, restaurants, recipes, healthy food, etc., then this game is perfect for you! Many people find it more enjoyable than the traditional Wordle because guessing food terms and definitions is more fun than regular words.
Foodle is a great way to build up your culinary vocabulary and have fun!

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